I have never told you

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I have told you my dreams

I have told you my fears

I have told you my lies

I have told you my deepest secrets

But there are something’s have never told you


I have never told you…

I miss you so much,

Sunrise to sunset I miss you,

I think about you; even when

I told myself to stop…..I just can’t


I have never told you…

The one word reply you send makes me cry,

It breaks my heart,

100 words I send you, 1000 I eagerly wait for,

But then I realize that,

It’s not just you BUT me in love with you


 I have never told you…

You are the one I dream about every night,

You wander in the corridor of my mind,

Your hug, tender kisses; you curdle me in your masculine arms,

As I relax on your chest, enjoying the heart beat,

Your smile glows in my face,

And give peace to my heart.


I have never told you…

You may think it’s the usual joke

But am deeply in love with you,

Your deep voice is the therapy my soul needs,

Your deep gaze into my eyes is what my heart longs for,

To see not only the beauty of my face, smile,

But also the pure love in my eyes.


I have never told you…

I see love in your eyes,

You try to fight it,

Confusion fights it,

Doubts and fear fights it,

But then I see innocent you,

And I give in to your cute firm smile,

And never let my pain and tears fall.


I have never told you…

I love every bit of you BUT I have to let you go…..,

I give you freedom,

To go, follow your dreams, find your happiness,

Follow what your heart desires; still it will give me joy,

If you need me, I will be in place of our love,

Hope you come back soon, not too late,


Still there are endless things have never told you,

Hope one day you will know.






Getting your digital images perfectly sharp is something that most photographers want – however clean, crisp, sharp images can be difficult to achieve.

Perhaps before we start exploring how to improve sharpness it would be good to talk about the main causes for lack of sharpness:

Poor Focus – the most obvious way to get images that are ‘un-sharp’ is through having them out of focus. This might be a result of focussing upon the wrong part of the image, being too close to your subject for the camera to focus, selecting an aperture that generates a very narrow depth of field or taking an image too quickly without checking it is in focus.
Subject Movement – another type of ‘blur’ in shots is the result of your subject moving – this is generally related to shutter speed being too slow.
Camera Shake – similarly you can get blur if…

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2017 refegfge.jpg
Beautiful Resolutions! Awesome resolutions! Powerful and exquisite resolutions!

Happy 2017! We are all at the starting point to run the race of life in 2017. We all expect to finish with the golden prize of achieving our set resolutions. Well, at least that’s a good idea for a fresh start, building on the good while leaving the bad behind.

My friend echoed, “I have a SMART Resolution for 2017”.  Hmmm, staying committed to these resolutions can be challenging for most people especially when things start deferring or don’t go as planned. These can create stress, anxiety, disappointment, panic, depression; worst case- giving up on your list of resolutions.

Most resolutions tend to cluster around relationships, money, weight, self improvements and travels. Whatever resolution you make “let love” be the center of it; love for yourself; love for family; love for your country, love for friends and other people.

Here is my thinking….

Life is a series of peaks and bottom rocks. It’s a natural cycle of life. Some of our challenges come from circumstances out of our control while others are direct consequences or results of the decisions we make.Have come to agree with the saying; “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react”.

London Olympics Athletics Men
Happy 2017 from Uganda; The pearl of Africa

Here are 8 tips to help you achieve your resolutions in 2017.

Seek God

 Take time to pray to God about your 2017 resolutions everyday; God is faithful. God knows our beginnings and endings. In case you find yourself at a cross road, choose to relax, stay calm, put everything secondary and God first. Especially, when you put so much effort to see an accomplishment in your business, job, marriage, family but the end is worse than the start. God knows that it will not be a smooth journey so He promised to answer us if we ran to Him in prayer.

 ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3  (NKJV). This is one of my favorite Bible verse.

Make a solid Plan

“You can’t recycle WASTED time. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Failing to plan is planning to fail in achieving your resolutions. Whatever you need to achieve in 2017; you need to plan. Review your resolutions and write your plan on how to achieve each item on the list. Break your resolutions into smaller, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly goals that are realistic and attainable.  A perfect resolution without a plan is simply a wish.

Plan to start and plan to end; plan to reward yourself for achievements; plan to motivate yourself in setbacks. Plan to surround yourself with people who will inspire you to be the best version of yourself to achieve your goal. Tell others your new year’s resolution so you can be accountable, get connections, resources, help, tools and be more focused to work towards achieving them. Plan to stay fit, healthy and strong.

Save, budget, and invest

“The 50/20/30 rule, says von Tobel, where 50% of your income should go toward necessities, such as a home, transportation and utilities; 20% goes to the future, such as retirement and college savings; and 30% is for lifestyle choices, such as going to the gym, eating out and traveling”

Make saving your habit for 2017. Make lots of money this year through savings that will eventually help in debt payments, emergencies, investments and retirement. I badly need early retirement, so am taking this up! After all, “It’s never too early to start saving for retirement”. What about you?

Set your saving goals into manageable steps; you can save from every paycheck, small amount of money weekly or monthly and by simply avoiding places, items, friends, activities that drain you financially. I know it  sounds rude, tough but you will have to tell lots of no no no no no no no to family, friends, yourself to offers on dinners, parties, eating out, shopping and movies etc, if it’s beyond your budget; politely tell them, “ Am sorry, I  can’t afford it”. To boost your savings- budget; it seems daunting, boring but it’s a helpful technique for staying on track with your saving goal and not getting into debt. Finally, invest wisely and laugh forever.

Believe in yourself

“Never let the negativity gets to you. There are going to be a lot of people you have to plow through, but as long you believe in yourself, that’s all that matters.” – Becky G.

Let 2017 be the year of believing in yourself in all your endeavors. Sometimes life will hit you hard to the rough patches/surface of all areas in life.  You may feel hopeless, helpless, and worthless and doubt your abilities to go through it. You may tend to believe in others abilities, time and money to come rescue you; but the fact is not until you believe in yourself nothing will change. Am not saying that- don’t look for solution elsewhere or from your mentors but the first step is to believe that you will make it with or without help.

It is your life and what you do with it is all up to you. Credit yourself for everything you have already done. Don’t let challenges, critics drive you out of your abilities to make changes and progress, take action; believe that you’re the best person to do it and you will get to the top even stronger. You’ll boost your confidence and courage to face even greater challenges as you make mega life accomplishments in 2017.

Stay Positive

“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, it’s the way it is. The way you cope is what makes the difference.” – Virginia Satir

Stay positive always in 2017. A positive attitude creates possibilities in amidst of impossible circumstances of your life. Whenever life moves in the opposite direction, it is very easy to be discouraged, think and speak negatively. I do that most of the times but have learnt that Staying positive is important when going through such times. Being Positive keeps you calm and become a better person in the process. You learn from every experience and are able to make good judgments that will guide you to the end of the dark tunnel into successful life. There will always be bad, good, worst days; but in all those you have a choice to make- to either stay positive believing that you will make it or stay negative and suffer being a victim of the circumstance.

Try new approaches

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”. ― Helen Keller

New approach is the way to go in 2017; If you have tried all the old techniques of making it work out in your life, business, relationships and failed in 2016; then you have to try new approaches in 2017.  Look for support from the experts in your line of new list of resolutions. Learn from them. No man is an island; Support gives you strength to keep going and moving forward in your life, now more so as you start the New Year.

Don’t stay in the comfort zone of “Nothing seems to be working out”, find out how others are doing it, learn, read more to be knowledgeable. Chances are your comfort zone is exactly what’s bringing you down. You never know where something will lead you. If it’s in your heart, give it a try.

Keep doing it, never give up

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. ―   Martin Luther King Jr.

2017 is the year for winners; Team no giving up!! If it’s not working out, keep doing it. Success is a combination of continuous efforts. The best thing you can do is simply do something daily towards the achievement of your resolutions. What do you plan to do and achieve this year; don’t you ever give up doing it until you succeed. The sense of accomplishment will get you moving forward and give you control of your life progress and how you feel about it. Your skills, abilities, art will improve gradually to an expert level.

 “Never quite until you smile; work hard now; sacrifice now and live a life that you love”.

Cultivate Gratitude

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” ~ Melody Beattie

Let gratitude be your song for 2017; or the cup in which you drink from daily. It’s okay to have resolutions, aspirations to learn, grow, evolve and achieve your dreams but don’t be a slave to that. Don’t get so busy chasing after what you don’t have and forget to enjoy your present life; to celebrate yourself; your accomplishments. Realize that you have enough now and be thankful for what you got. Be thankful for the bad and good seasons of your life. Be thankful for the people in and out of your life. Your life is precious and priceless; Love it; Value it.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Be thankful because; Difficult times will help you grow; New challenges will build your strength and character; Mistakes will teach you valuable lessons and being tired, weary will mean you’ve made a difference. A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. A life filled with gratitude births happiness, love, peace and with happiness comes more gratitude.  Above all; Be thankful to God for letting you see 2017 for many died but you are a live and breathing.

Finally, from me;

Thank you readers for always checking my website for new updates; you are the reason for my existence on the internet….”Wishing pearls of happiness, diamonds of success and jewels of cute relations to the most precious friends for the New Year! Waiting to watch you shine in 2017!

 Prosperous 2017!!

Whoever said your physicalities were limitations?? 💪💃

Memos With Love

At times we see our phyiscal features or the way we are physically made by God as a sort of limitation in our lives. ”Oh yeah! I am too tall for a girl, it would be so hard to find a guy who would appreciate me for me”. “Yeah I have this scar that makes me look less beautiful”, “I stammer” , “I am short”, “I am too old and so life really has nothing in store for me again”…. Yeah! those kind of complaints but the thing is whoever told you that because you have these issues or attributes that what you can or can’t do has measure? Well I never heard or seen the rule which states that ‘once you are old you can no longer make an impact’ neither have I seen or heard that which says ‘short people are less appreciated or if you are too…

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Bibulous Babes

Chronicles of Nana


It is the wee hours of the night and I am struggling to maintain my hold on to Vee and Eve’s shoulders. You can imagine my struggle especially because Eve is about 20 metres shorter than Vee and I. We see-saw stagger down the stairs to the parking lot. Just as we are about to get into Vee’s car she punches in numbers on her phone with the screen against the tip of her nose,eyes wide open.

It has been a night of imbibing in almost all of Hurlingham’s watering holes and my mind is on fries and crispy chicken plus my bed. Eve and I get into the car and i lie on the backseat heaving like a sick pig. When Vee is done making the call she jumps into the driver’s seat and excitedly states that since she is no condition to drive well we will go to…

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Single & frustrated, embracing the experience.

Single & frustrated, embracing the experience.


It’s the perfect time of the year to be frustrated if you’re without a bae, a boo, or whatever you want to call it. I hate those words anyways. The weather is changing & it’s cozy. Everyone wants to buy gifts for the one they love, cuddle up, and get the whole package. That’s what matters right? Nope, there’s plenty more to it. We’ve got a world focused on relationships and that’s exactly why I’m writing this. For people who are pursuing God while being single & experiencing feelings of frustration & FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s okay, though. I’m one of you along for this ride. I’m single. I love Jesus and I want to love him more and more. Yet, the frustration and feelings of “why God” have crossed my mind. I’ve also learned some key things though in these past 6 months of singleness that God…

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Ladies, learn to respect men. Men, learn to respect women.

This is something that is so lacking in today’s culture.  And I’m sure you would all agree with me.  The fact is, some women feel that ‘respecting a man’ is like ‘submitting to him’.  But I don’t think this is exactly the same.  I may respect a lot of the guys in my life, but that doesn’t mean I’ll submit to them, do what they tell/ask me to, and trust them to make decisions for me.  No.  I respect them because they have proven themselves as gentlemen, as someone worthy of respect.  I am so blessed to say I know a few men like that.

 I will, however, respect the man I submit under.

 But in the marriage context, whether I find my husband ‘worthy’ of my respect or not, I am commanded to honor and obey him (as long as what he wants me to do does not go against Scripture).  Your father and brother(s) are good guys to practice with, by the way.

 And guys, you need to learn to respect women – whether they are ladies or not.  

You need to learn to respect and treat women well now before you even think about dating one.    Respecting your spouse will be one of the greatest keys to a good marriage.  I have seen this truth time and time again in the many couples I know, including my parents.  You cannot truly love without respecting that person as well.  And of course you’ll have you’re up and down days with the spouse.  But learning to respect them, no matter what, is essential.  Even now.


Single lady

Loneliness is very real… Life for the single lady has never looked better. It is hardly an issue one settles once for all.
Professionally she can enter almost any field her abilities and inner drive might inspire. The career lady is definitely a positive concept in today’s world. She often owns her own car, has her own house, and has the freedom to order her life without having to take others into account.
But that’s only half the story. Many single ladies have to wrestle repeatedly with the longing to be married. Battle the instinct of her heart and body. The injustice of discrimination. She may often feel frustrated and even angry at God.
Single ladies look around and cannot help seeing a disproportionate number of restless, frustrated married women.
“If she is wise, she probably will question what does make a woman happy anyway. It is true that we tend to be dreamers, however”.
We often envy the privileges of others and are sure we would never have their difficulties. The single lady who wants to marry is not comforted by the failures of others. We take only positive examples when we make our comparisons and complaints. That’s human optimism, and it’s a good thing.
Why do you want to marry? Is an important question.
I may as well ask myself…. “Lakica Beatrice, Why do you want to marry?”… Marrying for the wrong reason has brought all the miseries the single lady can’t avoid noticing. Grabbing at marriage to fill inner emptiness soon reveals that marriage is a false god.
Marriage does not change one’s essential character or nature. Nor is it a happiness button”.
Reasons for marriage usually fall in the category labeled human or emotional or physical. Safety, protection, companionship, provision, sex, status — the list could go on. But the list is only valid for a Christian when the larger spiritual factor is taken into consideration: Is this marriage the will of God? And the will of God lines up with the principles of marriage found in the Scriptures.
God’s will is never second best; His will is always first best!
The first step to real life is always hooked up to our relationship with God. If we do not believe we are loved by Him we can go on an endless search for love.
“No substitute for Godliness exists for any lady”.
A second question….,
Are you becoming the person whom the kind of man you want would to marry?
We keep wanting to conjugate the verbs to find, to want, to do, forgetting that the most important verb is to be. What you are becoming is vitally important.
Every woman has to work through her own set of barriers. She cannot do this as long as she refuses to face reality. A woman’s challenge is to make a success either of one’s celibacy or one’s marriage. Both require effort, commitment, and development of inner resources. If a woman spends her time dreaming only of what could be or living in an unreal existence, she ceases to live in the now. And no one is attracted to an empty shell.
“You don’t start living when a man comes into your life; you have to live now. You have to be someone worth knowing whether married or single, if life is to be rich”.
In the final analysis, whether a woman is married or single, she has two choices: either to live her life reluctantly or with conviction. If she lives it with conviction she will find an outlet in life, a way to use her energy, her love, her gifts, her mind — her totality — in a way that will bring deep fulfillment.
A single woman who thinks marriage is the only worthwhile adventure is going to have a shriveled life”.
She needs to like what she is doing now. And with all the choices in the world and given a creative God, it isn’t likely that a person cannot find a niche in life that already has her name on it. It may be a growing niche, but she won’t find it if she lives like a butterfly, flitting from place to place, unwilling to commit herself to the discipline of self-discovery.
For some this will be working in partnership with or assisting a worthy man, making a contribution to his work, enjoying his friendship and the camaraderie of work. For others it will be soaring to new heights on your own.
Since femininity is enhanced by masculinity, the intellectual and social exchange with men is a desirable part of life, and it falls in the realm of meaningful friendships which enhance our lives”.